Placenta Encapsulation & Salve Services

Encapsulation $225

There are many reasons why a mother would want to consume her placenta postpartum. It is a traditional practice which acts as a supplement to a healing mother. It is a temporary organ which develops the baby for 10 months and is full of nutrients and hormones which can impact a postpartum mother positively during her healing journey. The placenta is left raw or steamed then dehydrated, blended and put into capsules.

  • Offers pregnancy hormones to mom postpartum and taper back to pre pregnancy hormone levels
  • Natural iron supplement
  • Traditional practice
  • Can help boost/maintain breastmilk supply

Salve $25

I’m no stranger to a good salve or body butter and if your birth included a c-section this is something you’ll want to include. Adding placenta to a salve can lessen scarring and keep skin moisturized to promote healing. It can also be used on baby for diaper rash or other skin conditions or mom for perineal tearing, sunburn or skin irritations. This process would combine placenta powder to 4oz nourishing salve.

Servicing Southeastern Wisconsin: Whitewater, Waukesha, Fort Atkinson, East Troy, Mukwonago, Elkhorn, Delafield, and if your location isn’t listed please reach out to me!